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Ferrari 458

Italian sports cars are a class for themselves. There may be a lot of other manufacturers who produce similar cars in terms of performance, top speeds and pricing. But is there anything as iconic as a red Ferrari 458? Most of us were already playing with a red Ferrari toy back in our childhood. Since 1950 Ferrari is participating at the Formula 1 Grand Prix. No other Team has a longer Formula 1 tradition, and no other team acquired more championships. Inside of every Ferrari, you can feel how everything is inspired by the motorsport. Actually, it feels like you are driving a tracking tool that somehow managed to get a street license.

Unfortunately, you´ll have to pay a lot for it. For the price of a brand new Ferrari 488, you can buy around 10 Volkswagen Golfs. Is that really worth it? It really depends on your preferences and of course, your budget. But luckily there are other options to experience a Ferrari without buying it.

If you´re visiting Germany you can simply rent a Ferrari at Motion Drive. The best thing is, in Germany, most parts of its highway, the „Autobahn“, still has no speed restrictions. Going over 300km/h on the Autobahn is something you´ll never forget in your life. Even the coolest driver will get his hands sweaty. It´s completely up to you, whether you just want to go full speed at the highway or rent a Ferrari for a whole week. There are pickup locations everywhere throughout Germany. Of course, there are many other cars available to rent, but here´s why we recommend a Ferrari.

Why you should rent a Ferrari

Not only that the most Grand Prix championships speak for themselves, there´s also no other car brand that will provide you more emotions while driving them. And that´s what sports cars are all about: emotions, adrenaline, and fun! With a big V8 or V12 in you back, roaring like only an Italian supercar does, there is not much more to say. Gears are switching by to moment you´re pressing the pedal. The handling is extremely sharp, a perfectly tuned suspension and tires that let you think you´re sticking on the road. Driving dynamics that are provided here are so close to a real Formula car that you will have to remind yourself every time not to go over the top. But if you like going over the top Motion Drive can help you out as well. What is a Ferrari built for? Right, the track. The only place where you can unleash the full potential of a supercar without getting stopped by speed limitations, traffic or laws. It´s all you and the car, how fast can you finish your lap?

Even if you´re not a Ferrari fan

You should definitely drive a supercar once in your life. There are lots of other brands and concepts so there will be a brand that suits perfectly to you. Nearly every sports car can be found on DRIVAR, Germanys biggest sports car rental platform. They´re creating a whole new supercar sharing market, which connects renters all over Europe. So what are you still waiting for? Choose your dream car and drive it now!

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