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Learning the basics of car maintenance will keep it in top running condition and potentially save you a lot of money in vehicle repairs. Most car owners are not diligent enough to run maintenance checks on the car, and therefore the car ends up getting ruined or starts developing problems early on.

It is essential to take care of the car to avoid simple complications that could be easily avoided. Some check-ups do not require taking the vehicle to a repair service; some are simple enough to be done at home.

Listed down below are some of those practices that are effective.

Read the Owner’s Manual

First, you need to know your car and its primary specifications. The owner’s manual is a great place to start as it contains all the basics, such as fuel type the vehicle uses, tire size, tire inflation levels and type of engine. It also summarizes the maintenance schedules for oil changes, filter replacements, belt changes, and similar procedures. It is also essential to learn the details about the car’s parts, how it runs and when to take it in for maintenance and servicing. It makes you an informed owner and will help in reducing costly breakdowns of the car that could have been easily avoided.

Check your tires

Always examine your tires’ tread and check for extreme wearing and sidewall damage. If wearing is too much, replace the worn-out tires promptly and regularly rotate the tires on your vehicle to balance the wearing. If you have a passenger car and cannot locate the sticker on the driver’s door that instructs you what the proper inflation of your tires should be, then inflate your tires to 35 psi. That is a good default air pressure you can use until you can get to a service facility.

Check your battery

Be sure to check the vehicle’s battery power regularly. Clean all surfaces of the battery and make sure all the connections are tight. Messy cables and loose battery connections can cause electrical system problems and bring about complications to other car systems. If you notice a complication on the battery and you cannot be able to ascertain what it might be, do not assume. Be prompt and take the car for inspection.

Get the rubber engine components regularly inspected

Belt and hose failures are the No. 1 cause of roadside breakdowns in most cases. The Rubber components under the hood are often exposed to extreme heat, so they tend to wear out faster than other parts on your car. To avoid breakdowns, make sure the belts and hoses are inspected every six months and before long trips. It is more cost effective to replace them before a breakdown occurs.

Keep your car clean

It is dangerous to drive around with dirty windows. Make sure your headlights are clean and properly aimed. Dirty headlamps can drastically reduce the amount of illumination provided and hence impair the driver’s vision; if you cannot see something on or alongside the road, you cannot avoid it.

 Additionally, an improperly aimed headlight greatly reduces its effectiveness and affects visibility for oncoming drivers. Also regularly wash your car to prevent mud and dust from entering sensitive places in the car. Keep your car clean by visiting автомойка в ласнамяэ, if for no other reason than safety.

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