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Land Rover was created by Britain after World War II for the needs of farmers whose plantation area is difficult to reach by ordinary car. This jeep is also used as a hijacker, harvest, and harvested. Land Rover is made unique, the body of aluminum, and uses four-wheel drive. Because of aluminum, if there are a torn body parts, fix it can’t with welding tools, but nailed with a special nail.

Maybe this is the good news most wanted to hear all Land Rover owners around the world. The difficulty of finding Land Rover Series 1 spares parts will soon be gone. Because the emergence of UKAR AUTO the owners of this old model will be supported by the spare parts and accessories that fit and appropriate, as well as covering shipments to the world and affordable prices.

The love of something related to the history of private life often makes one attempt to bring it back to life in the present.

However, the mania is not merely Land Rover because of its sophistication, but also because of its beauty. The classic Land Rover that many collectors are not used anymore because it is out of fashion is the most preferred collector. Starting from the Series I output of 1948-1958, Series II (1959-1969), Series III (1970-1983), County (1984-1986), until Defender (1987) who already use a snail spring.

For public lovers of tough vehicles must know the legendary car variant from England, namely Land Rover Defender. If calculated, already 68 years long car segment real SUV is paved on the streets. Popularity is also never declining, although other manufacturers began to release an SUV car that is not less flashy. Land Rover Defender since the past, always offer a thing that consumers like, namely originality.

This car is popular in his native country, especially for those who dabbled in the world of 4 × 4 cars. First introduced to the public in 1948, this tough car was plotted as a heavy rival for Jeep Willys, as well as directly used as a military vehicle of the British Army. At that time, the first-generation Land Rover Defender still use the 1.6-liter petrol engine that has 50hp power, until then followed by a 2.0-liter diesel engine in 1957. Afterward, Land Rover Defender experienced a facelift, especially in terms of design through Land Rover Series II in 1958 Continued Land Rover Series IIA in 1961.

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