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One of the most dangerous scenarios you can ever find yourself is your car breaking down on the highway – on the speed lane. It is a very difficult situation and let’s not get started on how frustrated you would look or how much danger you have put yourself in. We have always heard of stories of highway robbers or major road accidents along that lane; they are traumatic experiences. However, there are things you can do to help yourself out. Read more about the services from Breakdown Assist.

What do you do?

When left in such a situation, there are three important things you need to do, and they are;

Steer your vehicle off the lane and Set up

One very quick thing you should do if you ever find yourself in that condition is to steer your car off the speed lane because it is dangerous to both you and your vehicle. Try as much as possible to get it off the road so that you can protect yourself and be able to call for help. Afterward, find your location and make sure it is something traceable for the police when you call for help.

If perhaps, the incident occurred at night, it is advisable to put on your hazard lights, a reflective vest and hold a torchlight so other drivers can see what is ahead. Next, place the reflective triangles distances away from your car for oncoming vehicles to take note of. All these are pre-rescue steps that should be done by you for safety.

Make use of car breakdown tools

Most road agencies frown at drivers who don’t equip their vehicles well enough in case of breakdowns and emergencies. That is why it is important to prep your car against difficult times like this. These kits, tools or equipment are inexpensive and can be bought from close-by stores. Now that you are faced with a scenario, this is the perfect moment to make use of them if you have in your car.

Among the tools, the following main items must be included;

  • Fire extinguisher
  • Heavy gloves
  • Signal flag
  • Pressure gauge
  • Drinking water

All these and a few more others are important for your survival on the road.

Ask for help

After you must have assessed the situation, taken note of your location and saved yourself from harm’s way, then, you can now ask for help. There are several ways to ask for help; one, you may choose to ask from moving vehicles or call emergency lines such as the police, family members, friends, etc. Make sure you inform these people of your location, ask them to bring other equipment that would be necessary and keep your mobile phone on for safety and access.

Once you can do all these three things, you will pass time on the highway without you being aware of it. In conclusion, it is always good to prepare yourself ahead of road dangers at all times, so you don’t get stranded unexpectedly.

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